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Flying High Acrobatics offers sport scientific consulting, workshops, lectures, online coaching, performance enhancement, injury prevention, rehab, program development and much more.
Our events explore the diversity of movement, spark flames of achievement and build bonds of trust between practioners of all levels and backgrounds.
We strongly belive in, practicing in a sustainable way, empowering practicioners with knowlede, by embracing the neuroscience of motor learning and proven facts from biomechanics.
We operate at the forefront of Sport and Exercise Science, and we want to take your training to the next level! Are you ready?


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Sustainable Handstand Training

We offer handstand training for all levels with a strong focus on sustainability. Master of Science in Sports Martin Kvist unique approach to teaching handstands was developed through the application of the latest research in shoulder injury prevention, performance enhancement, and neuroscience. Martin’s ability to provide injury prevention support, inspire healthy movement, and passion for acrobatics is essential for students who want to delve deep into their bodies for maximum strength and healing.

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Injury Prevention & Consulting

Our passion goes for sustainability, based on an evidence based understanding of injury causality, injury prevention, and performance enhancement in acrobatic sports. We have the educational background and personal experience to effectively guide you every step of the way. From lectures on injury prevention, training theory and common myths in training, to personal injury rehabilitation programs, or injury prevention training, Our teaching takes into account the latest discoveries in sport science.

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Sport Science, Communication & Education

Communicating scientific concepts to future educators, and linking the world of science and technology to society at large. From subjects like the neuroscience of learning acrobatic skills, to the biomechanics of injury prevention, we are continually pursuing a better understanding of injury causality, injury prevention, and performance enhancement in acrobatic sports.
A taste of the courses we offer:

  • Anatomy
  • Injury Prevention & Treatment
  • Neuroscience
  • Motor Learning
  • Science of Flexibility
  • Handstands & Fun Facts from Science
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Workshops, Intensive Trainings & Teacher Trainings

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