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Flying High Acrobatics offers sport scientific consulting, workshops, lectures and online coaching.
We offer a unique combination of decades of experience coupled with an academic background in Sport Science.

We work with professional circus schools and gold medal winning sport teams, as well as private actors and athletes. We provide consulting and education within the topics of injury prevention, sustainable training and performance enhancement. We operate at the forefront of Sport and Exercise Science, and we want to take your training to the next level! Are you ready?

Our Team

F2H Thailand

We strongly believe in, practicing in a sustainable way, empowering practitioners with knowledge, and getting rid of the myths, and the bad practices, by embracing neuroscientific “train smart” concepts from motor learning and proven facts from biomechanics .

 Martin Kvist is a Master of Science in Sports Science, and the founder of Flying High Acrobatics, he is a very experienced teacher of gymnastics, acrobatics and other fields of movement mastery. He has practiced and competed in a variety of acrobatic sports like vaulting horse, and team gymnastics, but when he stumbled upon acrobatics he was hooked for life. Martin is a certified Yin Yoga teacher and an experienced bodyworker. He has a vast knowledge of different treatment modalities, and a lot of experience both with rehabilitation, and treatment of sports injuries. Besides throwing people in the air, flying hand to hand and preventing injuries, Martin is passionate about neuroscience, motor learning, and human performance . He has a masters degree in Sports Science, with a specializing in how to prevent shoulder injuries in overhead athletes like acrobats, gymnasts and volleyball players. Martin continuously strives to combine latest findings in sports science with the age old experience and training philosophy of the masters, and applying this to improve his own and his students performance in acrobatics and movement.

Vanille Simeon is a Vinyasa, Yin yoga and partner acrobatics teacher, Vanille also trained as a massage therapist. In 2015 she founded The Maitri Movement, offering a platform to a collective of teachers and practitioners willing to share their skills and passion during retreats and workshops around the world. Vanille’s insights and ability to empathize with her students enables her to offer critical support on the journey towards movement mastery.