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Client Showcase

We work with professional circus schools, gold medal winning sport teams as well as private actors and athletes. We consult and educate them on the topic of injury prevention, sustainable training and performance enhancement. Our clients are dedicated to high quality education and training, we therefore give them our highest recommendations, go check out their programs and training’s.



We work closely with Partner Acrobatics, providing sport scientific consulting and development of their teacher training curriculum. As well as teaching a lot of acrobatics and handstands

AMOC – Circus school

AMoC Circus School Denmarks´s first BA-level circus education. We provide injury prevention consulting to AMOC, and help their students prepare physically for the life as a performer.

Fredrikstad Turnforening

We coach the amazing multiple times gold medal winning girls teams in acrobatics and handstands.

Always a pleasure to work with such talented girls.