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Teacher Education Development

One of the primary services we offer is teacher education development. We collaborate closely with professional training providers to improve their offerings. With a scientific approach to teacher training development, we help by taking the “dark arts and magic” out of what teaching is,  replacing it  with methods that foster high quality motivation, didactical models that help plan better classes, and different approaches to teaching that improve student performance.

We arm you, and your future teachers, with a research based toolkit of scientifically proven methods. Linking the different fields of science involving human learning and skill acquisition.


Learning about learning – learning to teach..

How will this help me teach better? We need to study learning theory so we can be more effective as educators, having  a grasp of learning theory translates to knowledge of instructional methods, that moves educators towards creating optimal learning environments.  Understanding learning theory and how it applies to not only course design, but educators’ role in creating excellent learning experiences for their students.  

The first step in learning about teaching is introductory classes that acquaints students with the pedagogical context for the practices and principles that inform teaching. Starting with the basics of teaching and class planning tools. These classes will cover the role and responsibility of a teacher as well as the activities and interactions that make for successful teaching. Educational theory and its practical application will be explored through case studies and critical analyses. From this coursework, students should develop their own teaching philosophy and foundation for lesson plans.

Tell me, and I forget”

“Teach me, and I remember”

“Involve me, and I Learn”

– Bob Adamson